To find peace and prepare for new Spanish skills

January 26, 2015 Longboard Lady 0 Comments

As I wrote the other day I escaped to the little town of Santo Domingo, to breathe and think without San José's heavy traffic, almost non existent outside areas and without noises around me all the time. It turned out Santo Domingo wasn't the right thing for me either and after spending a night in a really nice hostel but together with too many people in a tiny little area I sent an email to a language school in Orosí, an even smaller town among mountains, where I have been before. I left for the green hills this morning. Three smooth bus rides later I arrived to the well-known hostel I left a little bit more than a week ago. Tomorrow I will attend school and try to learn some Spanish while I'm waiting for my longboard to arrive in San José.

Now, finally, I have what I was looking for. I guess I was lost without travel company and without a proper plan. Now I have chilly but fresh air to breathe, a lot of space, hammocks and nice and friendly people around me... and a plan for at least a week. I love the fact that I can empty my backpack for a while and tomorrow I will hopefully learn some more words in Spanish and also be able to do my laundry, or actually pay a small amount for having it done. What more could I ask for?

¡Hasta luego amigos!


The moment of loneliness and to still not have a longboard

January 24, 2015 Longboard Lady 0 Comments

He left, they left! For many weeks I've had the luxury of traveling with Anders and when he left four friends of mine arrived from Sweden. We have seen Costa Rica's extraordinary nature, all kind of beaches and some cities as well. Excellent, beautiful and expensive, I am now a poor woman going from eating out twice a day to making my own meals as cheap as possible. They are now all back in the cold Sweden and at once I felt a sting of loneliness. Kind of unexpected and kind of too emotional. Stuck in San José, a city which I don´t exactly like and waiting for a new longboard to arrive which I'm pretty sure I can't use for a while anyway when/if it arrives (already more than 3 weeks delayed). The mountains here are to steep for me. Hopefully Nicaragua will be better, so I've heard.

I guess everything just caught up with me, grief over my mom who left me very recently, longing for Anders and worries about my family back home. I also think that all stories of tourists who get robbed effect me, make me insecure of traveling solo the way I do as a woman. Should I do it in a different way? I want my life to be long and strong and lucky.

Today I took the decision to get out of town while, waiting for the post office which I guess will recieve my longboard to get in touch. I will escape, at least during the weekend, to the small town of Santo Domingo just outside San José. I need space and some time to relax. Give some thoughts to all that has happened lately, and what to come. I will wait for the return of the great feeling of curiosity and the well-known desire for adventure again. Not that it is gone, it's just taking a pause and after weeks of fast and intense travels I do need to slow down anyway. When it's coming back I know it also helps me to be more self confident in my decisions.