Salton Sea

October 29, 2014 Longboard Lady 1 Comments

14-15 Oktober
The heat surprised me even if I expected it to be warm. Below sea level and more flat than I could imagine I saw myself heading forward with my little equipage and I started to push my board. The asphalt was rough and I couldn't find the speed until I had pushed for a while. As soon as I took my foot back on the board the wheels stopped. My muscles were sored but kept on struggeling to make a difference between moving and not moving. I won. Not too many miles later Daniel had found a campground at Mecca Beach State Recreation Area were I could have a nice shower, wash my clothes and watch Salton Sea with its birdlife among all the pulverized bones of dead fish that the shoreline actually contains of.

We had another early night. When it is dark around 7 pm there isn't much time for enterteinment. On the other side, the sun will unmerciful wake you up around 6.30 am every morning and for the first time since I was a child (if even then) I felt an honest desire for sleep in early evenings.

Started in the morning the next day. My legs were tired so I didn't expect myself to do many miles but even if the asphalt was killing my body I had the energy and kept on pushing. Never thought I could make it to where I had my next pin on the map, Bombay Beach but all of a sudden, not even to many hours from when I left Mecca Beach in the morning, I was there. Tried to text Daniel but my cellphone didn't agree with me so I just put my trailer with all my reflective gear next to the road. I guess he saw it because an hour or so later we had a nice little meal at the bar Ski In in Bombay Beach. Me, eager to go further down to the water where I had heard about abandoned recreation areas and the smell of rotten fish.

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