Darwin, chasing crocs in Kakadu and to start the trip

August 26, 2015 Longboard Lady 0 Comments

So, what's happened the last 4 days since we got here? Well, we found a festival, we have changed our minds about Darwin from boring to really nice and we had a long and expensive day on a bus with old people, going to Kakadu National Park where we saw a large number of impressive crocs and birds. We also got famous in Halmstad, Anders home town, where the local newspaper had an article about our trip.            

Today's mission was to start our journey south. Woke up too late, didn't have time to pack our things properly and realised that we drink more water than expected.

Anyway, the bike path was lovely and the day wasn't too strenuous. We found some drunken locals in a bar, spent a couples of hours there until we had to check in at the expensive (when you're on a budget) but really good Rydges Hotel in Palmerston. Not far away from where we took off but a good distance to start with. The shower was great, the bed seems lovely and hopefully we will go to sleep early enough to wake up for the included breakfast tomorrow. We'll see about that...

Darwin, the waterfront.

A crocodile in Yellow Water.

Yellow water in Kakadu National Park.

About to take off.

My trailer loaded with a lot of stuff.

Trees burned by fire along Stuart Highway.

The bike path next to Stuart Highway.


Here we go again

August 19, 2015 Longboard Lady 0 Comments

Yes, here we go again… and yes, it’s WE! I asked my gorgeous biker if he was ready for another adventure, and he said ”Alrighty, let's go then". If you ask him, I was the one who persuaded him to go longboarding in Australia but it was actually his own idea to change the bike to a skating longboard. At least that’s how I remember it.

So, we will leave Sweden the 22nd of August, only a few days left, and after spending a couple of days in Darwin and hopefully Kakadu National Park (looking for waterfalls and crocs) we will skate down south on Stuart Highway. Through the desert, with trailers and a looong straight road ahead. About 2834 km. Hopefully we will end up in Port Augusta in time for some sightseeing in the south and a week in Bali before heading back home (but I won’t think of that part yet).

He says it will take 2 months, I say 3. Something in between will probably be right if we stay away from injuries and heat stroke. I know how blisters and soared legs feel. He doesn’t. Yet.

Anders thought it was ok to share the road, the tent and the desert with me for 3 months but when I told him he was welcome to join the blog posts of Longboard Lady too he said "Enough is enough". You can read his side of the story at Longboard Australia.