Here we go again

August 19, 2015 Longboard Lady 0 Comments

Yes, here we go again… and yes, it’s WE! I asked my gorgeous biker if he was ready for another adventure, and he said ”Alrighty, let's go then". If you ask him, I was the one who persuaded him to go longboarding in Australia but it was actually his own idea to change the bike to a skating longboard. At least that’s how I remember it.

So, we will leave Sweden the 22nd of August, only a few days left, and after spending a couple of days in Darwin and hopefully Kakadu National Park (looking for waterfalls and crocs) we will skate down south on Stuart Highway. Through the desert, with trailers and a looong straight road ahead. About 2834 km. Hopefully we will end up in Port Augusta in time for some sightseeing in the south and a week in Bali before heading back home (but I won’t think of that part yet).

He says it will take 2 months, I say 3. Something in between will probably be right if we stay away from injuries and heat stroke. I know how blisters and soared legs feel. He doesn’t. Yet.

Anders thought it was ok to share the road, the tent and the desert with me for 3 months but when I told him he was welcome to join the blog posts of Longboard Lady too he said "Enough is enough". You can read his side of the story at Longboard Australia.

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