Los Angeles and how to find squared wheels

November 16, 2014 Longboard Lady 0 Comments

I spent the next days in Los Angeles behind my screen, searching for help with my matter of lost wheel grip and wrong balance of weight on my trailer. I finally decided to try those wheels I had been curious in for a while, Shark Wheels. We found the store but it was during a weekend and everything was closed down. Took a chance and had a look behind the buiding and lucky as we were we found the guys in a garage where funny looking wheels were constructed. We had a tour among square shaped urathane in different colours and choosed some yellow ones for a good price.

Reorganizing my things to put more weight on my shoulders and hips took time and I wasn't found of the idea to carry more in a backpack but less baggage on the trailer made me find the balance again and I was eager to go for another pushing adventure to try it all out. To see how it worked in a safer environment, never too far from a skate shop and with no need of several gallons of water before take off. I was very self confident. Daniel had been the most excellent travel partner, a great and appreciated friend and also very, very helpful. I had been lost without him. Grateful but with that well-known restless feeling and desire to be off by my own I said goodbye and left him waving at the train station. I know that feeling isn't going away, I can't ignore it.

Oceanside train station, simply had to pick one place to start my new longboard settings on and it seemed to be in a fair distance from San Diego where I had decided to stop among friends for a while. I calculated for a couple of nights camping and started my skating again. It seemed to work, it really did! The breeze from the ocean and the amazing views of the sand coloured coast that the sun turned to gold in front of my eyes made me as happy as one can be. Realized again that I was free from all responsabilities and able to do whatever came into my mind.

Miles where added, people where stopping me everywhere to ask me about my travels and how it was to travel on squared wheels. I let one man try my board for a while, nervous that he would run away with all of my belongings. The roads where quite good all way. It wasn't flat as "Salton Sea flat", nor to steep hills either. I made it much longer than planned and ended up in a nice little campground in Cardiff, Encinitas. Shared a little spot for "Hikers and bikers" with an interesting long distance cyclist from Holland, Tina. Watched the sky turn to red with her as a company and then had an early night in my ground camping hammock.

I fell asleep with the sounds of the waves rolling in and a train whistle in the distance. A good feeling, this was what I had waited for and I longed for the morning to come and to have another beautiful day with my long distance longboard.

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