The colours of Salvation Mountain and a less scary Slab City

November 10, 2014 Longboard Lady 0 Comments

We left our free spot we were offered last night in the RV park pretty early, went back to the rough road which we left yesterday and headed toward Salvation Mountain by car. My board couldn't handle the asphalt here and I was still confused about the long and time consuming distances. We expected a crowd of tourists when we arrived but like the other day it seemed like people doesn't bother to go into the desert area of Salton Sea in late October. We had the place to ourself. Well, we shared it with the cats who followed us, I guess we were visitors of there home.

Leonard Knight, the man who settled himself out there in the desert, had created a beautiful world for himself and his savior, Jesus. For me it was first too much of all the religious words painted on cars, mailboxes and the "mountain" but then even I, a person with a lot of opinions regarding religion, could see the beauty and the love he shared with his God. Leonard passed away a couple of years ago but there is still an organisation trying to preserve the work he has done. Not an easy thing to do when paint is falling apart and human shoes are stomping on the colourful ground.

Slab City.

We left it in the evening before, dark and kind of friendly but in an offensive way that actually scared us a bit. This day that feeling was totally gone and the RV:s seemed to welcome us, strangers as we were. A "Hi" here and a nod there. We took a closer look at a place that said "Open" but couldn't find anyone there. Cute place anyway. We went back to the car. Me, glad that we went there again and that I now can remember Slab City as a nice and happy place to be.

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