The dilemma between the wish to stay updated and the wish to tell you about everything when there is a lack of time

October 31, 2014 Longboard Lady 0 Comments

Now and then I do some travels for longer periods and I always think I will have a lot of time for writing on my blog posts. I have this urge to tell the world about what I experience and what I think you should do too. That is of course not true, the "have a lot of time for writing" I mean. I always need more hours, and since I want to give you some of the longer stories from time to time but also try to be updated and not like now, two weeks late, I have to compromise with myself. To slow down on experiences is not an option. ;)

So, I need to write less when I do but try to update more often. What do you think about that? My original thought for this blog was to keep it as some kind of diary to myself and my readers, not for longer stories. Might be a good idea to stick to. More text or more often?

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