Twentynine Palms and going back to Joshua Tree

October 21, 2014 Longboard Lady 0 Comments

12-13 October
Leslie took a ride with me into the Joshua Tree Nationel Park as I wasn't allowed to skate there and after a really nice drive through the upper parts of the park she dropped me off with my baggage. A curious little chinese man observed me closely for about 30 minutes before he kindly tried to help me with my trailer setting. The ride was short, it ended up in a bar where I assumed they would have internet. Sunday afternoon in that little town, all drunken people trying to help me out. I realized that I needed more time and skills to go around that huge national park skating. It all ended up with me, planning to take one of the few morning buses back to Palm Springs, change bus and hop off just below the park. Found a cheap motel where I actually bargained for a while and the words "then I guess I have to go wild camping" gave me the even cheaper price.

Checking my e-mails gave me a chance to see that Daniel never went to Joshua Tree as he would and since he still was "off work" he told me he would love to go there. I had a good night sleep and started my skating early next day. The desert's uphills was killing my legs and the sun had started to heat up the unshaded roads even if the hour hadn't left "morning time" yet.

The first long uphill took me as long as half an hour to climb, I would probably be faster walking but the way I had my backpack fastened on my trailer made it impossible. Finally up there one of the longest downhills I have faced appeared to me. Scared me. I started slowly but was speeding up at once. Tried my soles to brake and almost did my first longboard crash. Traffic was heavy and a family with their house on the other side of the road was encouraging me to continue. Waving and calling upon me. All these sounds. I took a deep breath and challenged myself to go, to feel the speed and enjoy it. My board felt a little bit unstable for a while but once I let go of that feeling and saw that no crossing traffic could be in my way I felt free. Smiling.

Next uphill was as strenuous but still, I was on my way and very happy to be. Daniel where faster than me and before I reached Joshua Tree where we where supposed to meet he picked me up with his car. Had some cowboy breakfast like the day before at Crossroads Cafe and then entered the park.

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