Desert festival in Joshua Tree

October 18, 2014 Longboard Lady 0 Comments

10-12 Oct

Finding the music festival was harder than I thought. It might have been because of my strong conviction it was held inside the Joshua Tree National Park instead of several miles north of the city of Joshua Tree and Daniel, my friend and driver, stubbornly claimed that Sunrise Rd was the place to be. Both of us were wrong.

Well, when we finally found out where to go we stopped the car a few miles down the road, got my longboard and trailer ready for the start of my skating trip and off I went. It was fun and cars stopped to ask me where I was going and wished me good luck. All the same when I arrived, a lot of attention to me and my "thing". Not used to that but I learned that being a, not very young, woman with a strange looking longboard trailer as my company helps me to get new friends easily.

My lovely neighbours Donna and Tom with their huge tent setting accompanied with, always smiling, Leslie with less "American style" camping equipment made my weekend joyful and with better company than anyone can wish for.

Alternative music, a lot of "hippie moments" with loving and colorful scarfs and outfits, the smell of weed all over the place and a handful of band so good that all my soul danced of happiness. What more can a girl ask for!?

An early Sunday moorning, painful hips from the almost non exsisting sleeping pad and a ride into the center of Joshua Tree for some excellent breakfast at Crossroads Cafe. Then, Leslie gave me a ride to the entrence of the National Park where we all thought were the place where to start my lonboard trip for real. Ok, we were all wrong.

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