The world of Goodbyes

October 03, 2014 Longboard Lady 0 Comments

Leaving Gothenburg behind, and my last goodbye for today. My third one. I'm now heading towards Oslo to visit my niece and her mum's place. Spending some quality time with them in Norway is the perfect start for me before the quite bigger L.A. on Sunday.

Last night wasn't exactly an early one. Yesterday I spent time with my own mum and saying goodbye was pretty hard. Couldn't help myself, I guess my eyes betrayed me filled with tears. Mum will always be mum, that's it. I stayed later than I was supposed to and then spent more time with my little sister, whom I will miss so much. Then a long phone call to Anders, my boyfriend, all together resulting in my packing time was hours less than I had planned and when I closed my eyes clock said 4.30 am. Almost 3 hours before my alarm clock rang for an early goodbye moment with little sister. Strange feeling when she left her apartment and I stayed for a few hours more...

Dad, at the bus station in my home town Borås, and one hour later another goodbye to my dear aunt in Gothenburg. Will miss you both a lot as well and if you read this, please stay healthy and take care.

Well, my eyes are soon to be shut down for some napping before the border controll between Sweden and Norway. For now, goodbye. ;)

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