Hidden Valley and a freezing night

October 28, 2014 Longboard Lady 1 Comments

13-14 October
Joshua Tree National Park included a lot of hiking and surrounded of the golden boulders and the mighty Joshua Trees which, I guess, have given the park its name, I couldn't get rid of the feeling of being such a small woman on earth. When the sun was setting and the boulders where even more golden we found a spot at the campground for one tent and one hammock in Hidden Valley. Hanging between two rocks, hearing the coyotes snooping around among the camper's tents and trying to warm myself up under my sleeping bag I could here a car door slamming. Our neighbour's hammock had fallen down and her decision to sleep in the car was probably keeping her more warm than me and Daniel outside. It was a freezing night.

The "car sleeping" neighbour introduced herself as Nikki, and while she took some mats out from the back of her car she asked me if I wanted to join her yoga practice. Said and done. Never tried it before and my stiff joints tried to do there best as Nikki instructed me to "reach for the sun" and do quite impossible exercises. My body would suffer from it a couple of days ahead but right then the yoga moment, the environment and the early morning sun made me fall in love with Hidden Valley in Joshua Tree National Park.

When the car started to go downhill I imagined myself skating down those steep hills that never ended. We drove and drove, I think hours passed and it was still descending, quite steep. I didn't find myself happy with the fact that I wasn't allowed into the park with my longboard a couple of days ago but I was seriously starting to doubt my own decisions regarding to skate there. I couldn't have done it within those days I calculated. My water woud have run out. I was happy for my friendship with Daniel and his decision to go back with his car to Joshua Tree. Finally we reached Mecca, the city where I was going back to my longboard again.

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