Ground camping with a hammock and expecting to have the moon in your eye

October 10, 2014 Longboard Lady 0 Comments

After a nice afternoon in Palm Springs, the green oasis in the desert, we simply have to face the fact that the car is no longer with us, the earlier parking lot now consists of some kind of food stall and the Chrystler is towed away. The local police officer kindly tell us where we can have it back and after a walk we are on the road again, with less money.

Delayed, we start to chase a campground before the sun will set and after trying to charm the two men at the Korean Methodist Church, asking for a backyard settle but returning a friendly but determined no, we slide in to the gravel of the desert. Can't rely on the men of god I suppose, at least not the Korean ones. The siluettes of the mountains in the background is getting darker when we find the spot where to spend the night. The wind starts blowing at the same time as sun sets and my first try to fasten the hammock to the ground, because of the lack of trees, is tough. The ground is solid and the wind is trying to steal the equipment and only with a little help from Daniel and a few rocks I finally succeed.

The time is hardly more than 7 pm but the darkness doesn't allow us to do more than have a moment with the starry sky and do some small talking. We close the zippers, burst out of laughter together when the wind makes a deafening sound in each canvas. Cars are passing on the road, I guess the night hasn't come to non campers yet.

I see the stars through my bug net, can't sleep and even if the wind is warm it feels like I have to protect myself from it. I spread my sleeping bag out and use it as a quilt on cold spots. Daniel almost whisper, "Wow, look at the moon Sofia". I turn my head and the horizon grow a beautiful, almost red, moon. I have the feeling that the wind will slow down but the moonlight will keep me awake when rising in the sky. I hear the coytotes howl in the night, getting close to us, curious. Sleep is hard to find and I am almost scared to face the morning when I will hit the road by myself, with my longboard, going to Joshua Tree and hopefully participate in the desert festival wich takes place there.

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